The safety and well-being of our employees is of the utmost importance. All superintendents are trained to identify and immediately correct any potential hazards. Sites are not only inspected daily by our superintendent, but regularly by TerMac Construction’s Project Managers and Safety Plus inspectors.

Our commitment to safety is evident to all of our subcontractors. All sub-contractors are required to acknowledge our safety requirements by executing our written Rules and Regulations document that includes wearing hard hats, eye protection and following all applicable safety standards and laws.

To ensure that we provide our employees with effective and successful training, TerMac Construction, Inc. has also elected to employ third-party loss control and safety professionals to manage our company’s safety, training, and loss control programs in addition to our in-house emphasis on safety and our frequent safety discussions. We determined that third-party loss control and safety programs would prove more results oriented and accountable than in-house only programs.

We have taken measures to make certain that our programs can be monitored and measured for results as calculated by reductions in injuries, increased training and inspection presences, and above all a safer workplace for our employees. This brand of safety and loss control is very accountability driven at the supervisor and employee levels. It puts added emphasis on supervisor and employee knowledge. This is accomplished through many avenues including weekly toolbox talks and on-site competent person training. In addition, Safety Professionals perform site-specific training with supervisors on particular issues that will likely be encountered due to the precise nature of the project.

TerMac Construction is the proud recipient of numerous Safety Awards including awards for “Lost Time Accident Free Years” and Safety and Excellence in Construction.

In addition, TerMac Construction also has an effective Quality Control/Quality Assurance Program.